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Camera Quality
Taking the right photo is a very important part in the process of creating your pet portrait. It is crucial to have a clear, sharp image to work from, otherwise it becomes difficult to draw fine details. When zooming in, if you can see the individual hairs on the pet's coat, then it is a high enough resolution for me to work from. Understandably, if your pet has sadly passed away, please email your photographs and we will be able to work something out.   

Photo Tips

Photo requirements
Try to photograph your pet at eye level. Close up eye level shots are important if you want a head/chest portrait so that I can capture those fine details. Photographs taken from a distance are harder to work from, because when I zoom into the photo, the detail is lost.
It's best to capture your pet in natural daylight, this will show off their true colours. Try to avoid direct sunlight.


Your Pet's Personality
The best way to get the perfect photo is to bring a squeaky toy/treat with you and get them to gaze towards the camera. Take multiple shots of your pet, you can send as many photos as you like so I can help you choose the one I think will work best for the drawing. You know your pet best, so follow these steps to capture you're loved one perfectly! 

Bad Photo Example:

  • Artificial lighting

  • Dark photo which doesn't represent true fur colour

  • Detail is lost when zoomed in

Good s Bad quality photo requirements

Good Photo Example:

  • Natural daylight

  • Eye level

  • Clear image, good to zoom in and see fine detail

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